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Physical Education

Victoria Celusniak
P.E. Teacher

boy playing basketball; girl playing tennis

Welcome to an action-packed month of Physical Education at Valencia Elementary! In March, our students soared to new heights with thrilling activities such as bowling and parachute games. As we return from an energizing Spring Break, get ready to dribble, shoot, and score because we're diving headfirst into our upcoming basketball unit!

We have had a blast testing our coordination and teamwork in the bowling alley experience and experiencing the excitement of parachute activities. But the fun doesn't stop there-our basketball unit promises to be a slam dunk! Make sure to come prepared in your tennis shoes on P.E. days to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Join us as we continue to promote a healthy and active lifestyle, fostering skills that extend beyond the gym. Let's make March a month to remember, filled with laughter, sportsmanship, and a whole lot of movement!